CFO Services

Interim CFO manages the same services as a full-time CFO of the company. However, he may work on a full-time basis or act as a part-time CFO. In whatever condition you have prepared for hiring the Interim CFO, one of the mandatory guidelines of the contract is the temporary nature of the job.

Virtual CFO is quite similar to Interim CFO. When the entity chooses to outsource the financial management, they are typically hiring a Virtual CFO, who may be a specialist or a CFO services consulting firm.

Advisor And Strategist

CFO is a highly intelligent person with the updated information on the industries. He may take on the role of an advisor and help you in business planning and in formulating business strategies. The Interim CFO is a specialist who is actively involved in short and long-term decision-making and brings credentials for the organization. He can also act as an advisor when the entity is in the initial phase. Often, a company chooses to engage an Interim CFO to avoid the backlog in financial management due to the absence of a finance leader.

An interim CFO can be hired by mid-size businesses or start-ups during the initial stages when the venture might not have enough budget to hire a full-time CFO for financial management. Hiring a CFO is not only expensive but also may not be viable for the venture. When the enterprise is involved in small-scale production, it may not need a full-time CFO, when a Virtual/Interim CFO will perform the same duties.

Choosing Interim CFO is a better option during expansion as it is durable and the service is at par. In mergers and acquisitions, firms often require additional support for handling the finances and documentation of the company. At this time, they hire a Part-Time CFO to handle the extra workflow.

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How Can Practus Help You?

As a consulting firm, Practus is staffed with qualified, skilled professionals. We not only fulfill your request and requirement but also try to deliver the best possible outcome according to the potential. We aim for the optimization of every solution that we customize for our clients. By integrating experts, tech tools, and business processes, we implement a critically planned system to our client’s finance workflow.

Practus facilitates all the services and solutions that are performed by the interim CFO. We initiate and implement the optimal use of resources with a team of professionals and modern tech tools. Creating a safe environment with trust and perfect synergy to work with you, we aim for the best results.

In the interim CFO capacity, we provide services of business planning and governance. Most of the organizational goals revolve around the budget and capital structure. As an Interim CFO/Controller, Practus empowers decision-making with meticulously formed data and accounting books. We also actively participate in the meetings as per the client’s request.

In addition to the planning, our CFO aids in the formulation of business strategies where the company needs assistance in internal management for proper systemization of the information. As a consulting firm, we facilitate the development strategies and necessary management of treasury, performance, and cash flow.

During the engagement, a business goes through various processes for expansion and growth. A company may require extra financial and advisory services during mergers, acquisitions, and establishing another branch in foreign countries. At that time, Practus will provide the perfect CFO candidate to create the backbone of the solution.
You can appoint an Interim CFO from Practus for the following consulting services:

  • CFOs
  • Controllers
  • Head of Treasury
  • Management Accountants
  • Head of Product Costing

Practus takes complete ownership of the finance function when we play the role of an Interim CFO. We deliver the best services for the best future.

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